Tuesday, December 13, 2005

AP Dude Falls Victim to the Hype

ATLANTA (AP) -- The Illusion (we changed the name, obviously) gave the Falcons the shot in the arm they needed. Then Atlanta's immediate future took a shot to the ribs.

Vick ran for two touchdowns and passed for another score Monday night to lead the Falcons over the New Orleans Saints 36-17. But a late hit knocked Vick to the turf and out of the game in the fourth quarter.

The NFL's most electric runner writhed in pain and seemed to be favoring his back.

AV: I had to highlight that phrase and just ask if LaDainian Tomlinson, Shaun Alexander and Edgerrin James decided to retire after their respective games Sunday and I missed it? Whoever that (AP) cat is who wrote that is a moron.

And here's one: What to Trent Dilfer, Kerry Collins, Chris Simms, David Carr and Kurt Warner all have in common? That's right! All have higher QB Ratings than The Illusion. CHRISSY SIMMS, are you kidding me?! He's still seeing stars from that Superman move Roy Williams put on him in the OU/Texas game like 5 years ago!


Blogger Brent Parker said...

It's like this guy shares your brain:


Let's see Vick try to beat a legitimate defense
December 12, 2005

No, thanks! Instead of taking the opportunity to watch Michael Vick on Monday Night Football against the Saints, I'll watch the Red Wings and Penguins on OLN or "Monday Night Raw" on USA.

While the rest of America, Michaels and Madden and the sexy Sam Ryan will be ogling and groveling at the feet of Vick, I'll be watching some real magicians with their speed, moves and playmaking skills.

The Saints are not a test. In fact, they are a joke. It's not all their fault, but they have one good player on defense, and that's second-year defensive end Will Smith. Vick, I'm sure, will have a great game and will run all over the place against a team that is an awful tackling defense, takes stupid penalties on a regular basis, can't cover anybody, and whose offense will give the Falcons great field position because of their love affair with gift wrapping turnovers.

Every time I write about Vick, or talk about him on my radio show, the callers/readers hammer me relentlessly and say that I have something personal against him, or that I just don't understand the fact that he wins a lot of games. True, he has won games -- but so has Kyle Orton in Chicago and nobody would ever say "All Kyle Orton does is win games."

No, I'm sorry. It's about more than winning games. It's about how you play and what kind of mistakes you make, because while it might not happen in the regular season, you can damn well put it in the bank that the type of flaws that are so obvious in Vick's game, will be exposed.

What are the flaws? Where do I begin? First off, you can't watch SportsCenter or NFL Primetime, to see them. Even when the Falcons win convincingly, Vick is often a mess. He consistently makes one read and if it's not there, most of the time will start running for his life. Almost the instant he feels any remote pressure, he takes off and that's where the beauty and the beast of Michael Vick comes out. The beauty is obvious, amazing athletic skills and ungodly speed. The beast is throwing constantly off balance, across his body, not planting his feet and generally out of whack.

That's not the only problem. Vick is blessed with a rocket for an arm, and sometimes looks brilliant like last Sunday in Carolina with a perfect over the shoulder sideline throw and catch on third down to Alge Crumpler. Then there were the countless other throws before and after that, where even without "heavy" pressure, he would throw at the knees or below of his recievers. Don't forget about all of the double coverage throws, and the time he led Michael Jenkins right into a ferocious hit.

The No. 1 problem of the many Vick has (consistency, accuracy, poise and ability to read defenses) is his inability to do what every great quarterback, and even young talented quarterbacks like Eli Manning can do. A simple shuffle of the feet goes a long way. On Sunday, Manning was both good and bad, and has a long way to go. One simple, largely unnoticed play was a third-and-7, 12-yard completion to Jeremy Shockey. The key to the play, was Manning effortlessly side-tepping a blitzer and buying one extra second for the completion. Drew Bledsoe, who is about as mobile as Bill Parcells, did the same exact thing on the Cowboys game winning drive, before a completion to Marion Barber.

Statistics aside, which largely back up my argument that Vick is a mess, it's pretty easy to see. I'm sorry, but I don't buy into the notion that he's just different and redefining how we look at the position. If this is what I have to look forward too, I'm going to poke my eyes out.

Vick way too often reminds me of the best and worst of Randall Cunningham. Cunningham was both brilliant and at times, maddening. He was rarely the definition of accurate, and was sacked way too often for someone who was blessed with great athletic talent. Sometimes, you run yourself into trouble instead of running away from it.

Vick has not improved at all. I thought he was turning the corner, with good performances against Miami, Tampa Bay and Green Bay. Don't forget that he had costly late turnovers, in the home losses to the Packers and Bucs. Forget the Detroit game, which he managed well but didn't do anything too special. Look at what he does against the good to very good defenses across the board in the NFL.

Tampa Bay has owned him during his entire career. Philadelphia has shut him down twice in the playoffs. Carolina finally solved Vick last week, and they're only above average. Even the Arizona Cardinals made Vick look like a fraud last year.

Do me a favor. Don't watch Vick against a terrible Saints team, but do whatever you can to be in front of a TV this Sunday night at Soldier Field in Chicago. If you can't see it live, use TiVo, my friends. Vick will get absolutely pummeled vs. a defense that is fast, physical and aggressive. Vick only has a chance because the Bears are banged up in their secondary. When you factor in that it will likely be below freezing, and is a enormous game for the Bears, the only thing I see is a disaster for Vick and the Falcons.

Yup, you can waste your time watching Vick run and dance all over the Saints, but I prefer to watch him try and beat a legitimate defense. Something he has had very little success with over his career.

12:33 PM  
Blogger barry word said...

All I care about is the status of the "willingly transmitted an STD" charge against Herpes Vick.

burning and scratching,
lil Vick

2:25 PM  
Blogger barry word said...

She took legal action after Vick, 24, refused to help her deal with the symptoms she alleges he infected her with, Conley said.

"She doesn't have anything to hide," Conley said of Elliott, a health worker who specializes in geriatric care. "She's a college graduate and presentable young lady who just had a life-changing event happen. She has to live with the medical costs and stigma of it. I hope it doesn't get lost. Whether it's Michael Vick or Tom Smith, the case is about a young lady's life that's been turned upside down."

What?!?!?!?! Tom Smith has herpes too?!?!?!?!

2:32 PM  
Blogger barry word said...

Atlanta Falcons coach Jim Mora remained optimistic Tuesday that the bruised ribs quarterback Michael Vick suffered Monday night will not keep him out of Sunday's game at Chicago.

Michael Vick
Atlanta Falcons

Att Comp Yds TD Int Rat
305 170 1880 13 10 76.6

Mora said Vick should play against the Bears, even if he is held out of most of this week's practice schedule.

Mora confirmed Tuesday that X-rays on Vick's ribs were negative.

"Mike is typically a fast healer," Mora said Tuesday. "At this point in the season, he's basically seen everything he's going to see and practiced everything he needs to practice. I think he could get mental reps and still perform fine. The key is to get him as healthy as possible for Sunday night."

Of course he is a fast healer, he is is super-human, remember!

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