Monday, December 12, 2005

The Illusion Realizes Throwing Should be Left to the Professionals

The Illusion realized the team is probably better when he is not throwing the ball; or, at least, he somewhat came to that conclusion in's five questions. When asked about what teams have done to stop him, The Illusion states "maybe it's because the run game is not clicking the way that we want it too and it puts us in a position where we are forced to throw when we don't want to throw."

Of course, then The Illusion makes a ridiculous claim he can make plays in the passing game, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. At any rate, I stopped reading after that ridiculous statement; but, I think he also made an outrageous claim he invented the question mark.

Despite the fact it's clear Atlanta is only going to go as far as its running game takes them, maybe we should take pity on his inability to pass the ball downfield with any accuracy whatsoever. After all, he is related to Aaron Brooks. I guess sucking at quarterback just runs in the family.


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