Thursday, December 22, 2005

The NFC Sucks!

And it's pretty much the only reason we can explain as to why The Illusion somehow earned a selection on the squad. I'd say more; but, my head exploded.

For more insightful commentary on the selection, go here.

After reading the spot, we completely agree. The NFC East quarterbacks, minus the injured dude from Philly, all have strong cases as to why they should have made the team over The Illusion.

The whole process illustrates why the AFC has been such a dominant conference this season. The quarterback match-ups when the two leagues clash are not even close. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Carson Palmer (not to mention the top-flight quarterbacks who didn't make the squad) against Matt Hasselbeck and, well, nobody else, really. The voters were pretty much forced to pick among the lesser of 15 evils for the final two spots in the NFC.

In short, don't expect the NFC to be favored in this all-star clash and don't be surprised when the NFC's only top-flight quarterback, Hasselbeck, leads Seattle to the Super Bowl.


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"insightful commentary..."

i like it, thanks.

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