Monday, December 19, 2005

Atlanta Vick-timized!

Wow. Awesome. Words cannot describe. Last night's performance pretty much speaks for itself, doesn't it? Joe Theisman, unbelieveably, summed it up best by saying at some point during the fourth quarter, "when your quarterback has as many receptions as the wide receivers, that is not a good thing!" We could not agree more. He also said Rex Grossman was "further along in his development as a quarterback than The Illusion is." Which might of been funnier, considering Grossman has played all of five or six games in his career and The Illusion is in his fifth stinking year.

At any rate, you better believe we will have more on this game later. But for now, here are the horrific; or, absolutely hilarious (depending on your view) details.

One more thing, Kyle Orton, 2-of-10, 12 yards, and a higher quarterback rating than The Illusion. Maybe The Illusion should grow a neck-beard?


Blogger Art Vandalay said...

Dan Patrick was on the radio earlier saying that in pre-game it was obvious The Illusion and the Falcons didn't want to be there...they were cold and their body language showed it. Does anyone think for a minute that if that game is played in 60 degree weather The Illusion all of a sudden posts a 100+ rating and leads the Falcons to victory? Come on.

Also, since Rex Grossman was brought up in the inital post, wasn't he making All-State and being crowned Homecoming King when The Illusion was drafted?

There's so much more from yesterday, but I'll yield the balance of my time to the Congressman from Lawrence, KS.

11:52 AM  

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